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Claim $TBIO

$TBIO is the governance token of TerraBioDAO allowing you to participate in DAO decisions, the $TBIO will be essential to interact in any way with the ecosystem and access to the launchpad
We have deployed our testnet token $TBIO on Shibuya and from now, you can claim up to 60 TBIO every 12h. Having $TBIO will allow in a near future to test our on-chain governance system and to experiment our launchpad.

Claim SBY tokens on Astar portal

First, you need to connect your Metamask Wallet to Shibuya Network. See the following tutorial:
In order to make transactions on Shibuya, you need SBY tokens in your wallet.
  • To claim SBY from the Astar faucet, go to Astar portal and connect your Metamask wallet.
  • Switch to Shibuya Network and claim SBY from the faucet.

Claim TBIO tokens on TerraBioDAO

Once you have some SBY in your wallet, you can claim TBIO tokens.
  • Go to your personal space on TerraBioDAO and connect your Metamask account.
  • You can then claim 60 TBIO every 12 hours.
  • Remember to add the token $TBIO to your Metamask
TBIO Address: 0x2B225faa48C0202aC499779490Cc9c71A0c37131
Last modified 1yr ago