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Supply: 15 000 000 TBIO
Prices: - $0,04/TBIO (Whitelisted) - $0,06/TBIO
Token accepted: USDC & USDT
Network: Astar Network


The Presale of TerraBioDAO starts on the 1st of April 2022 and will last for 45 days, for the occasion, 15% of the total supply (15 000 000 TBIO) will be put on sale to the community.
To thank the first supporters of the project, a whitelist has been set up with the possibility to register until March 31st offering a special price of $0,04/TBIO. For non-whitelists, the price is $0.06/TBIO. You can participate in the presale directly on the TerraBioDAO website by connecting a Metamask wallet using the Astar Network. Once the purchase is validated, you will receive your TBIO at the same address respecting the following vesting: 20% distributed each month for 5 months after the launch.


Step 1: Network setup

To participate in the TerraBioDAO pre-sale, you first need to connect your Metamask wallet to Astar Network:
Network details:
  • Network name - Astar Network
  • EVM RPC - (mis à jour le 25/04/2022)
  • ChainID - 592
  • Symbol - ASTR
  • Block explorer -

Step 2: How to get USDC & USDT on Astar Network

To purchase TBIO, you must have USDC or USDT on Astar Network. To do so, you can either transfer stablecoins from another EVM blockchain or swap ASTR tokens on a DEX.
USDC: 0x6a2d262D56735DbA19Dd70682B39F6bE9a931D98 USDT: 0x3795C36e7D12A8c252A20C5a7B455f7c57b60283
  • How to bridge
You can transfer USDC or USDT from EVM blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, BSC using bridges like cBridges or Anyswap.
Please visit cBridge, connect your Metamask, chose the network, and then input the amount of USDC or USDT you would like to transfer.
  • How to swap
First, you must have ASTR tokens on Astar EVM,. Astar Network is a blockchain supporting two environments: the native environment WASM and the Ethereum environment EVM. The Astar portal allows transferring your token from one environment to another and vice versa.
To send ASTR tokens from a CEX to your native Astar environment, connect your polkadot.js wallet to the Astar portal and copy your native address. Go to your CEX and withdraw your ASTR tokens to the native address using the Astar Network.
Once you have your ASTR tokens on your native address, you can send them to your EVM address (Metamask) using the portal.
Copy your address from Metamask and past it in the "transfer" box.
To swap your ASTR to USDC or USDT, you can use the native DEX of Astar : Arthswap
  1. 1.
    Go back to and connect your Metamask wallet.
  2. 2.
    Select swap ASTR to wASTR and enter the amount you want.
  3. 3.
    Execute the swap and sign the transaction.
  4. 4.
    Now that you have wASTR, you can swap it to USDC or USDT
  5. 5.
    Enter the amount you want, execute the swap and sign the transaction.
  6. 6.
    You now have USDC or USDT tokens in your wallet.

Step 3: How to purchase the TBIO tokens

Once you have USDT or USDC in your wallet, you can buy TBIO tokens.
  • Go to your personal space on TerraBioDAO. You can change the language of the website in the top right corner.
  • Connect your Metamask wallet, choose a stablecoin (USDT or USDC) and approve the transaction.
  • Enter the amount of TBIO you want to purchase.
  • Confirm and sign the transaction in your Metamask
  • Well done!
    You bought your first TBIO tokens and we are glad to see you joining our community.