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TBIO is the native token of TerraBioDAO
Ticker: $TBIO
Decimal: 18
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Token Address: TBD

Utility token

TBIO is the utility and governance token of TerraBioDAO and has a central role in our ecosystem based on 3 important features:
1. Staking
The main feature of TerraBioDAO is the launchpad. In order to be able to claim an allocation on our launchpad platform, TerraBioDAO users will have to stake $TBIO tokens in a smart contract that will act as a safe. Once staked, users will have access to the investment opportunities on our launchpad.
2. Governance
The TBIO Token will have a very important role in our ecosystem. TBIO is a governance token that enables token holders to control the protocol and to take an active part in the decisions. We plan to make TerraBioDAO a community-driven project from day one by setting up an on-chain governance mechanism.
3. Carbon footprint buyout & Buyback-and-burn
TerraBioDAO plans to invest in forestry activity to have a positive impact on the climate by participating in the planting of trees and so having a carbon footprint buyout mechanism for the projects launching on the launchpad.
This will also generate profits thanks to a clever system, allowing the profits made by the forestry activity to support the price of $TBIO through a system of buyback and burn of tokens.


A total of 100 000 000 TBIO will be minted and allocated as follows :